GIRS 2022

Submissions for GIRS 2022 have closed.

If you would like to review the event rules, please see them below. We look forward to seeing all submitted research at GIRS 2022.


This year, since GIRS 2022 is entirely virtual, all entries must be submitted virtually. The rules for each section are below and include details of how your submissions must be formatted and submitted along with contacts if you need further information. Prizes are available and we look forward to seeing the research you are conducting!

When you are ready, please submit all of your entries using the link above.

3-Minute Thesis (3MT) Submissions

The 3-Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition for GIRS 2022 will be held virtually, in real time. For submission, participants must provide a title, abstract (limited to250 words), and a slide for their thesis presentation. The 3-Minute Thesis has a hard 3 minute limit and all participants will be stopped if their thesis presentation proceeds past the 3 minute mark. 

For the uploaded presentation slide, PowerPoint must be used and the file format must be .pptx. Only a single 16:9 aspect ratio slide is allowed for submission. Submissions with more than one slide will be disqualified from participation in 3MT. Slide content can be changed before participants deliver their 3 minute thesis presentation at GIRS 2022, but the uploaded slides should be indicative of the research being presented. If the total number of submissions exceeds 10, then participants will be selected based on a preliminary review of this submitted material. If you are selected, you will be contacted to provide your final slide by March 1, 2022. This slide will be displayed while you are presenting in GIRS 2022. The maximum file upload size is 100 MB.
Participants will be judged based on presentation quality and scientific merit. Prizes will be awarded to participants with the top three highest scoring average across all judges. First, second, and third place prizes will be $200, $100, and $50 dollars, respectively.

If you have any questions, please contact the 3MT Chairs at or


Poster Session Submissions

The poster session for GIRS 2022 will be held virtually and asynchronously. You will submit your poster title, an abstract (limited to 150 words), a PDF version of your poster, and a recording of your poster presentation. You will be judged on the content of both your poster and your recording. Both files must adhere to the following formatting guidelines.


Poster PDF: Your poster must be submitted in PDF format and must have dimensions of 36″ x 48″. Fonts have a minimum size of 18 points (although we advise all text having a minimum size of 24 points). While a specific format is not required for the layout of your poster, we do advise using design principles employed in the #BetterPoster format.

Poster Presentation: Along with your poster, you will be required to submit a MP4 video recording of you delivering your poster presentation. Recordings must be 5 minutes or less in length. Recordings which exceed 5 minutes will not be evaluated by judges and will therefore be ineligible for any potential prizes. Recordings made with PowerPoint (which we expect to be the majority of presentations) must contain a single slide only. Zooming in on certain portions of the poster is acceptable, but any change in content on the slide is not permitted (including deleting or adding text/visual aids). Video insets are permitted, but not required.

Submissions will be judged both on the presentation quality and scientific merit. First place and honorable mentions will be awarded in each category based on the two highest averages across three judges. Prizes for first place and honorable mentions will be $100 and $25, respectively.

If you have any questions, please contact the Poster Session Chairs at or

Oral Presentation Submissions

Oral session presentations for GIRS 2022 will be held virtually in real-time. Selected participants will have 10 minutes to present, and 5 minutes for a public Q&A. Participants are required to provide a title, a presentation abstract (limited to 150 words), and a preliminary slide deck for their presentation. These slides do not have to be final, but should be indicative of the work being presented. Each session is limited to 4 participants who will be chosen based on a review of the preliminary slides for scientific merit. Final participants will be listed on the event page for each session and will be contacted by Feb 28, 2022 to provide final slides for GIRS 2022. Finalists will present virtually on Thursday, March 3rd for GIRS 2022.

Participants will be judged on scientific merit, presentation delivery, and Q&A responses. First place and honorable mentions will be awarded for each session based on the two highest averages across all judges. Prizes for first place and honorable mentions will be $150 and $50, respectively.

If you have questions, please contact the following individuals based on your research area: